Firerift is a completely new breed of CMS created for web developers to empower their creativity. Welcome to the wonderful world of Content Management without template restrictions.

Independent Environment

Firerift is Template Independent. This gives you complete freedom to design & code the way you want. No restrictions. Simply plug Firerift into the spots where you want it to manage your site, or have it manage your entire site.

Built on Titan

Firerift is built on Titan (Javascript Web Framework), which accesses JSON data for you and enables you to interface with that data in CSS or Javascript. This makes developing websites amazingly simple.

Engineered for Flexibility

Firerift was created to equip Designers & Developers with a flexible Content Management tool that makes development quick and easy. Firerift was designed from the ground up to perfectly compliment the web development process.

Your Own API

Firerift has a built in REST API ready to use right out of the box. This API makes updating your database a breeze. Additionally, you can choose to make your API "Public" so others can access it.

Visually Create Custom Data Sets

Firerift's "Data" section is a visual interface to manage pseudo databases. The "Data" section is very powerful and can be used to generate contact/submission forms, link/file lists, events/calendars and just about anything else.

Retrieve Data using CSS

After you have finished coding your web design into HTML/CSS, simply add the specialized Titan CSS classes to your HTML to pull the data/content into those HTML elements. Yes, it really is that simple.

Collaborative Management

Firerift takes "Multi-User" one step further by making it possible to collaborate with other Users on your system. Share your Blogs, Galleries and Page Snips to let other Users edit & publish them.

Powerful Life Streaming Engine

Life Stream generates a single feed from multiple feed sources like: Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, your Firerift blog, etc. With Life Stream you can create a more powerful "blog" that is always up to date with your activity around the web.