• Manage Recent Entries & Galleries Edited/Published on your Site
  • View Stats on Entries, Galleries, Media Items and Comments
  • Get Alerted when New comments have been made
  • Quickly View All Users on your System


  • Create an Unlimited Number of Categories, and Manage them by Sorting their order
  • Use the Filter Search Box Locate a Specific Entry
  • Create & Edit Blog Entries
  • Link an Entry to Custom URL, Instead of a Perma Link Page
  • Fullscreen Editing
  • Enable/Disable Entry Title Linking
  • Easily Insert Media Items into an Entry Body with the Media Browser
  • "Shift + Click" to wrap an Image in a link to the Full Sized Version when adding via the Media Browser
  • "ALT + Click" to add the path to the Full Sized version of an Image into it's "longdesc" attribute.
    (Support for the Fullsize jQuery Plugin)
  • "ALT + Shift + Click" to add the path to the Full Sized version of an Image into it's "longdesc" attribute, and add the Name of the Image into it's "Title" attribute.
  • "Quick Preview" your Entry before you Publish it to see how it will look


  • Create an Unlimited Number of Gallery Categories, and Manage them by Sorting their order
  • Create & Edit Galleries
  • Use the Filter search box locate a specific Gallery
  • Drag & Drop Sorting of Galleries
  • Set a "Cover Image" for each Gallery
  • Upload Multiple files at once
  • Upload Photos & Video: JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, WMV
  • Add Embed codes with Galleries (like YouTube, Vimeo, or MySpace Videos)
  • Automatically saves Original, Re-sized & Thumbnail versions of Uploaded Images
  • Add an Image or Video to multiple Galleries without Re-Uploading
  • Drag & Drop Image & Video sorting
  • Set a Non-Destructive Pixel Dimensions for a Resized & Thumbnail version of your Images that can be changed at anytime on the fly.
  • Edit Image or Video details (Name, Date, etc.)


  • Leave Comments on Blogs, Images or Video
  • Enable/Disable Commenting
  • Moderate Comments
  • Spam Captcha Security
  • Comments are automatically scrubbed clean of any malicious javascript
  • Edit/Delete/Reply to Comments

Page Snips

  • Create n Unlimited Number of Unlimited Categories, and Manage them by Sorting their order
  • Create & Edit Page Snips
  • Use the Filter search box locate a Specific Page Snip
  • Drag & Drop Page Snip sorting
  • Page Snips support: HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Share Blogs Categories to let other Users Post into them
  • Share Blogs Entries to let other Users Edit them
  • Share Gallery Categories to let other Users Post into them
  • Share Galleries to let other Users Edit them
  • Share Page Snip Categories to let other Users Post into them
  • Share Pages to let other Users Edit them


  • Save Entries, Galleries and Pages as "Drafts" to Post them Live at a Later Time
  • Drafts are saved but not Published


  • Pull data onto your website from Firerift using Titan in either CSS or Javascript
  • Titan is a middle-man between you and the JSON returned from Firerift
  • Simply add CSS Class Names to HTML elements to have the appropriate data inserted into the Element
  • Titan is built on jQuery, so you write less code and processes go lightning fast.
  • Light foot print: Titan is just 36kb Packed or 58kb Minified with the CSS extension, and only 16kb Packed or 28kb Minified without the CSS extension


  • Create an Unlimited Number of Customized Data Sets (like a link/file list, downloadable song list, contact form, event/calendar, etc.)
  • Add an Unlimited amount of Data Fields to a Data Set (like Name, Date, URL, Description, Attachment, etc.)
  • Data gives you unlimited possibilities for storing completely custom data


  • View all your Feeds in one location
  • Firerift Automatically generates RSS Feeds for your Blogs & Galleries
  • Edit Feed details (Name, Description, Limit)

Life Stream

  • Generates a single Feed from multiple Feeds
  • Import Feeds from Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube
  • Import Feeds from any RSS or ATOM Feed(Flickr, an old blog, etc.)
  • Filter your Twitter Feed Import by Keywords/Hash Tags
  • Import your Firerift Blogs & Galleries
  • Enable and Manage Comments that are posted to each Life Stream Feed Item
  • Edit your Life Streams RSS Feed Details (Name, Description, Limit)
  • Update your entire Life Stream at any time with 1-click
  • Auto-Updating Life Stream via Cron is coming soon


  • Add Geo Tags to any of your Media Items with a Google Maps interface
  • Bulk Tagging and Tag Removing
  • Search the Map for a Specific Address


  • Add/Edit/Delete an Unlimited Number of Users
  • Suspend Users for temporary account restriction
  • Organize Users into User Roles that each have a Different set of Permissions


  • Edit the Website's Title, Main URL, Blogs page URL and Galleries page URL
  • Edit the Custom Email Message for when New Users are created
  • Turn Private API On or Off to Prevent Anyone Outside your Domain from Accessing your API

Live Filtering

  • Live Filter technology enables you to filter through your content as you type


  • Tag Page Snips, Data Records, Entries, Galleries, Photos and Videos for Organization
  • Use Tags to Organize content and/or Display Content based on Tags


  • Add functionality to Firerift by adding new Extensions
  • Firerift is built on an extension architecture, so creating extensions is easy


  • Change the colors & logo in the Firerift admin to be your own logo and colors
  • Remove the Copyright and even change the name of the Application


  • Firerift comes with a REST API right out of the box
  • Returns data in the JSON Format
  • Use it to make updates to your database, create widgets, or have external websites access your data